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There's a darkness growing
Deep and loathing
It unnerves me to how much It has grown
The seeds have already sewn
It grows within like a withering tree
It's decaying branches bearing fruit
Deep blood red they continue to blossom
My mind nearly gone
The last mask to be sewn on
Death peers into my eyes
The windows to my soul, beckoning
To come home, but yet
But I am not ready to come home just yet
There's still work to be done
There're still people to love
I cannot yet leave them be
Even if darkness is all I can ever see
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 1 0
not sure
Rising higher and higher
Under planes of snow
Deep and vastless as an unconditional thought
No longer will the meek
Seek a well buried, broken
Underneath coalescing water conceal
Shudder breathless while parched
Body and blood fuse: a soul
Stray and pay the toll
Running backwards...further and further
Dreams dissapate in a world unknown on my own alone I shall wait.
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 2 12
Revert back to shadow, to nothingness
A ghost once more
I found out I am not meant to soar
This daily facade this chore, my frustration
Thus a demonstration of this old habit
I developed it, I nurtured it, it makes me weak
I know what I seek; It's not what I wanted all along
At night huddled in my blankets I weep because I know the truth
I know what I must do.
I gained many friends and acquaintances  
Seeking emotion, seeking something worthless
I became lax, unfocused, forgetful, arrogant
I thought talent alone could get me by
Deep, deep down in an iron cage, locked and bolted,
My rage keeps a tinier box still, a locket half corroded.
If a tear soothes a seedling, winding down to its roots
Warped and withered as it grows still green leaves show
What kind of destiny will God bestow?
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 0 5
Set the Night on Fire
Set the Night on Fire
A tear splashes down
Producing an indefinite fragile sound
Tangible, its own emotion--concrete
A metallic earthen smell, the mark of shame, scars of one name.
A withering tree, gnarled and warped
Spreads its branches towards the ground
Underneath barely stands an edifice
A decaying body, devouring
This tree's nutrients.
Leaves scatter brown and crumbling
As wind whips its scourge
What gave life, gives death.
Pulsing roots entwine and appendages writhe
Soft dusty light seeps through the catacombs depth
Severing the cord, its mother dies
Knowledge sways, this seed of a millenium decays
Snow, stained with burden drags this seed asunder
While its mother set aglow by the offspring born from Thunder.
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 3 30
Negative needles weep, and a trillion drops leak
Forming a pattern becoming a giant lantern
Upon its pedestal low to the ground
Guides its master back underground in his tomb
Without the light would spell his doom
Crouching breath, audible, stethoscope over the womb
Soon out of its cocoon.
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 1 11
Revert back to shadow
Become a ghost once more
Become fluid as water
Invisible and weightles as air
Meek and humble
Relax and breathe
Let those emotions seethe.
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 2 4
untitled 3
Beat down, sprawled on the ground, shaking, whimpering. "No one will help you," a shrill, cold voice whispered. "Ha ha. Even your mother died trying to protect you, a worthless piece of shit. Your father was no better because he hired me. He hired me to dispose of a worthless son with so many ailments, but your mother was not a part of the deal. Like I care, anyhow, well, since you dumb asses who think you can fight, I will let you try."
Moon light that haunted the hit man's face showed that she was a woman. Her eyes seemed crazed, and how they darted to one end to the other, surveying every little movement her prey made sent chills down his spine. The low light made it hard for the boy to see any other highlighting features.
Just her eyes. Her eyes scared him the most.
He struggled to get up. She dashed in, hoisting him up, shoving a weapon in his small hands. A sacrificial dagger adorned with strange runes. She stepped back and whispered a few unintelligible words. In moments, the bo
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 1 17
untitled 2
Thick black smoke rose into the early-morning cloudy sky. A child shudders underneath a cold hand, missing several fingers, stinking of burnt flesh. In a distance he spots what looked like a teenager, but he thought he still dreamt. Yet that did not matter at that moment. Nothing mattered. The destruction of the city, the overturned cars, the bodies that littered the various large cold slabs of concrete that held some by jutting steel pipes. A semi-thick fog plagued the streets in every direction. An eerie silence gave way to his own deep breathing. A sharp pain followed by an itchy feeling captivated the child. He tried to move his left hand to scratch his legs...his arm was not there. His right arm reached around and felt that very same arm, that same hand that felt chilling to the touch--his own hand. He tried to move away, but he couldn't move, for his legs...the lower half of his torso lay crushed underneath what looked like his dead older brother who supported an ambulance atop h
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 1 9
untitled 1 2 3
Floating gently down
A wind's whisper, barely a sound
Ash as complex as snow
A genocide, a world's lost foe
Memories disperse
A child exiled is no worse
Without a sound he escapes
His dying whisper atop the pyre
This noose, this smoke, a mage...he whispers, "Liars."
:iconmitsugitheshinobicat:MitsugiTheShinobiCat 4 3


Watercolor Wolf :iconwishiwasawolf:WISHiWASaWOLF 5 2
****** I miss you Maria, the best godmother any one can ask for. I miss you and love you ***
I'm watching this interview on TV.
And all I can think of is about you.
You left me when I was in second grade.
My God.
I never cried so much.
I was pulling at my hair.
My vision was blurry.
I was banging on the floor.
I was biting my lip trying to hold my screams.
I don't know this football player's name.
But when he said,
My grandmother past away last night.
I couldn't take it.
My throat hurts.
I want nothing more.
Then to just curl up in a ball.
Let out the screams
And sobs.
It hurts me knowing.
That you can't see the woman that I have become.
You were my hero.
I wanted to be just like you.
Crazy laugh and all.
My tears are running down my face.
As I think of you.
I still have the gold earrings
You gave me.
I've worn them so many times.
I love them.
Mom just gave me your saffire bracelet.
I wore it for months never taking it off.
But now I keep it in a box.
It's broken.
One missing stone
:iconsorrowfulraven:SorrowfulRaven 1 12
Still Waiting
A kiss.
More importantly, your kiss.
A single moment suspended in the air, grace that would end the heavens.
Heart rates colliding in an explosion of adrenaline and my God, your smile.
If there were anything more elegant in this hollow world than a simple smile then shoot me,
Because there would be nothing left after seeing it.
If I could capture every one of your amazing smiles,
I wouldn't.
How could a frozen smile possibly replace that beautiful moment in which your smile spreads like an infection, each unique and more wonderful than the last?
How could I survive without your smile?
The answer is, I think, I wouldn't.
A kiss goodbye.
So I'll lie with a head full of dreams, mind swimming in reminiscence, waiting for that next
:iconfir3insid3:fir3insid3 8 11
Think of Me
Would you think any less of me,
If i cut myself tonight?
What would you think of me,
if i cut myself and died?
I would go and die tonight,
But i haven't felt your touch,
Yes i would die tonight,
But i haven't done enough.
So tonight when i go home,
i will not cut myself,
Instead i'll take the pain,
of being alone,
like the man i want to be....
:iconsetthenightonfire:SetTheNightOnFire 4 0
No More Pain
My eyes water.
I can taste the salt on my lips.
I cried.
Never did I think I would be crying.
For something like this.
I let you in.
Never I had I ever let someone in like I did you.
I told you the darkest secret.
That has been buried in my heart.
I cried,
and with my tears.
The truth flowed out.
The truth,
the sorrow,
the pain,
the anger.
I looked in the mirror,
and saw a girl that ways 165.
But as I sit here,
I feel 145.
I don't see the ugly and fat girl that I saw last night.
I see a woman.
A woman that has grown to love
to live.
While you read my words of sorrow.
I read your many words of tears
and fears.
We bring out the best in each other.
I set you free from the tourture and misery.
You set me free from the pain.
My heart is light.
The dragon in me is free.
She soars in the sky,
and laughs and smile in triumph.
I can smell the salt of the sea.
I can feel the cool breeze move my hair.
I can feel the sun kiss my skin.
For the first time I feel at peace.
I hope y
:iconsorrowfulraven:SorrowfulRaven 0 6
Mature content
Thanks Dad :iconsetthenightonfire:SetTheNightOnFire 2 0
Was I born to live in misery?
Was I born to live in pain?
I'm tired.
I'm exausted.
I can't sleep.
I can't dream.
When i dream, i feel happy.
But I no longer dream.
That was stripped from me.
I use to be able to sleep.
I would close my eyes,
and i would rest.
When I would wake,
i would feel rested,
like i had energy,
Now, I can no longer sleep.
i toss and turn.
I lay awake.
When I close my eyes,
I feel awake.
my body is a live.
It's on overdrive.
When my mother wakes me up,
I'm exausted.
My head hurts.
Sleep was stripped from me.
i can't trust people.
When I tell them my fears.
My secrets.
my past.
They turn the other way.
They abandon me.
They laugh in my face.
They betray me.
Trust was stripped from me.
I can't love.
Everyone i love,
everyone I care about.
Has left me in some way or form.
I have no one left.
Everyone I love has slipped from my grasp.
love has been stripped from me.
I stand alone.
I stand naked.
I stand bare.
I have nothing left.
Everything has been st
:iconsorrowfulraven:SorrowfulRaven 1 6
One of Many :iconsorrowfulraven:SorrowfulRaven 1 10
Ask the Lonely
Ask the lonely how it feels
to have terrible parents,
the kind that abuse and pop pills.
Ask the lonely how it feels
to slit their wrist,
and see their blood mingle with their tears.
Ask the lonely how it feels
to have their hearts broken,
then torn to shreds by the ones they loved.
Ask the lonely how it feels
to have been lied to their entire lives,
to not know who to believe,
or love.
Ask the lonely,
or better yet......just ask me
:iconsetthenightonfire:SetTheNightOnFire 3 2
The Pain
the pain inside of me
bothers me in a different then others
its regret
for others its a small problem
hiding in the back of their heads
for me its a huge canvas
covered with sorrow and hate
plastered with colors so vivid
you cant inore it it bothers me every day
every hour
every second
until finally
at the end of my day
i cry all my tears out
they leave a puddle so big
atop my pillow
as i fall asleep knowing
that the next day my freshly cleaned cavas
with have to be cleaned yet again
:iconshygirl2010:shygirl2010 3 5



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm back
(Before reading, this was for my sister but though she in highschool doesn't know what these words, i mean i learned soem of these words in highschol and middle school smh. i might try to make this one better and submit it somewhere maybe... so give me cred :) ) tell me if it doesn't make sense or flow is off, or whatever you guys think is wrong with it, took me 2 weeks of no poetry to figure how to do this stupid thing *talked too long*

Forced out of her cocoon
Her comfort shatters
This roaring monsoon threatens to consume.

A looming dread
A manifestation?--an illusion engulfed in flames?--a complication?
Smoldering timber, ponderous and fragile, hampers her escape.

A toothed mask levitating above her exhales
Opaque writhing tendrils of murderous intent
It guards her lashes out destroying keepsakes in its wake
Her life is enough; the highest price to pay she wishes to extend.

Invoking a mumbled prayer--an eternal favor.

Consciousness fading
Shackled limbs futilely drags
The very air she breathes she gags
A quagmire of stagnant tears and choking embers
Despair crouched down no longer remembered.

A soft caress of the hand
Vision blurred and senses dulled
An illusion engulfed in flames licking it not
A cherub, a beautiful baby boy
Permeating the air with an uplifting sense of joy.

In a hospital bed she awakens
A crying baby her husband holds a familiar face so easily mistaken?
A complication, she gave birth on her arrival
The doctors stated the baby had an instinct for survival
Granted an eternal favor
Her smile broadens as she gazes upon her unlikely savior.


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